The Collective Movement

An effort to help those less fortunate.


The Collective Movement is an organization in the making that aims to help homeless individuals in the greater D.C. area.
The main plan of action of this campaign will be as follows:
Stage One: Used Backpack CampaignMembers/Campus Reps of, The Collective Movement, will begin a drive for used backpacks in their campus or respective communities. Once enough backpacks are collected we could then move forward with step two of the campaign.

Stage Two: Fundraising Efforts

The specific activities of the organization have not yet been discussed but some activities that may raise funds are promotions with local restaurants and asking for donations from businesses or individuals amongst other things.

Stage Three: Building the Care Packs

When ample funds are collected we can then begin to purchase objects that will be put into the care packages. Some of these objects that will be included are: personal hygiene items such as soap, toilet paper, tooth brushes, toothpaste, baby wipes etc. Other objects that may be included will be fleece blankets, gloves, canned food, etc.

Stage Four: Distribution 

Once the care packages are complete we will distribute them to homeless individuals around the DMV area, hopefully before next winter.


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